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Ontario's Leading Health & Safety Training Partner for Over 20 Years

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If you have already registered an account click the Login button:

If you are new here, click the Register button and provide all the required information:

Pour les cours en français, veuillez sélectionner « Français » dans le menu déroulant avant de passer à l’inscription.

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Click on the course title that you wish to take.

STEP 3: 

After you have completed the training session you can save a copy of your certificate to your computer so that you can print it off to a printer if wanted


Industrial Safety Trainers offers many other training programs that you may find helpful if looking for employment.Having some certifications on your resume may set you apart from others applying for the same job.

CLICK HERE to see other safety training certification courses you can take.You will see that we offer training in a “ Distance Learning Environment ” meaning that you can take those courses from your home. These programs are not part of the Employment Ontario initiative and as such there are costs associate with taking these modules.

Once you have completed your training session, you will have the opportunity to take as many of the additionally - provide courses as you wish.You can log back in any time to take extra training.

Click Here for Construction Safety Training Courses